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High speed,high stability universal device programmer! For production as well as engineering applications!


  • USB联机模式。
  • RJ45联机模式。 
  • SD卡脱机模式。
  • 自带键盘、LCD显示器、可移动存储器,可以脱机独立运行
  • 工程文件非常方便创建
  • 搭载全新设计的业界最先进的编程技术


 High Performance

AP8000 is designed with the most advanced programming technology. The highest programming speed

and the precise pin driver circuit make the highest production throughput in high quality possible.



There Operation Modes

Online Mode: Connected to a local PC through USB2.0 (high speed).

Network mode: Connected to local network, controlled locally or remotely.

Stand Alone Mode: Using the stand-alone keypad, LCD display, and mobile

memory (standard SD cards), you can run the programmer independently off-line

for flexible production and field setup. Project file size is only limited

by the SD card memory size. It can be operated easily and conveniently

independent of a computer which is important for mass production of device



Wide range of IC coverage   Supports almost all serial chips which includes, but not limite

to NorFlash/Nand flash,EMMC,EEPROM,EPROM,Micro-controller,CPLD,CMOS,PLD,FPGA,

Anti-fuseandother,customized devices.


Embedded High-speed FPGA Band Width is as fast as more than 1.6Gb/Sec 

which allows a device be programmed at the highest speed that it permits.


Wide voltage range  Supports all kinds of programmable devices with Vcc

as low as 1.2V or as high as 13V.


Advanced precise pin driving technology  Provides high-speed, stable and

 precise signals to make programming faster at higher yield rate.


Device safety protection mechanism.  There is a precise internal voltage self-test

 circuit to ensure that the voltage is within the expected range at any time.

The self-test function guarantees that any hardware problem be detected at any time.

The pin insertion check function detects pin poor contact when a device is inserted

in a wrong direction or when the device pins are poorly connected with the socket.

The device ID is verified before the programming flow runs.


Programmer Protection: Over-current, over-voltage protection and ESD protection for

safety of the chip and programmer hardware


Environment Friendly   Environment friendly with the power consumption rate high than 90%,

 no fan needed.


Easy and Convenient Operation     Choosing one of the connection modes, USB, RJ45 or SD card,

you can operate your programmer immediately after setting the programming function



Powerful software system with user-friendly interface: simplifies operation, improves efficiency

and reduces mistakes.


1)   Project function simplifies processes such as device selection, file loading, device

 configuration setting, program option, and batch file setting into one touch step.


2)   Auto command combines device operations like program, verify, security into a single command

at any sequence.


3Initiated by an external start signal, generally the signal of fixture close. Once the signal

   is detected, the system runs automatically.


4Data to be programmed to each device can be different. The software will automatically update

the programming data according to the user’s requirements including standard or customized

SN generator(such as MAC address)


5Log file is useful for quality tracking.


6Copyright Protection: Copyright Protection with SD encryption, project file encryption and

access control, volume control and remote control.


7File Format: Support and recognize almost all known file formats automatically.


8Evident real-time display of programming status and production analysis statistics.


9Customized Algorithms: Accepts special function software customization requirements.


10Image File Management: Powerful image file management including ECC, bad block management and so on.