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IC Burn Test

一、Offline burning advantages:
       Simplify the production process, save time and cost to import, and increase production capacity.

二、Puliming's advantages:

         * Focus on IC burning industry for 20 years                                   

         * ISO9001:2015 and IATF 16949 double certification                            

         * Professional teams in the burning industry for an average of more than 5 years                    

         * ESD grounding and equipment grounding dual system         

         * Complete each process in accordance with the quality management system                  

         *Temperature constant humidity, 100,000 level purification workshop            

         Shared resources across sites to respond quickly to needs                    

         *Fully automated burning and AOI detection                   

三、Type of burning IC:


四、Price factors:

      The unit price of the IC body-the ease of IC support-the product requirements for using this IC(especially relationship security)-IC capacity-IC burning time-the cost of burning equipment-the amount of orders from customers.

五.Production control priorities:

    * F/W Management: Authorized management, dedicated F/W server
    * Customer Materials Tracking: Using MES system, material information can be tracked based on work order information                                  
    * Material wet sensitive level control: record the unpacking time and packing time of each package or volume of material
    * Control of burning programs: ERP and MES dual system management to ensure the correctness of F/W calls
    * Quality control: first inspection; Inspections; 200 % appearance inspection; AOI appearance inspection; Final inspection; MES System Control Label Printing
    * Adverse handling: Do business according to customer's request

六、Service flow: