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Service capability

      1.IC special carrier tape, patch LED special carrier tape, patch inductance special carrier tape, comprehensive SMD carrier tape, patch capacitor special carrier tape, SMT connector special carrier tape, PS carrier tape
  2.Cover belt: Brown, transparent, self-adhesive, hot seal.
  3.Glue: ordinary blue, blue environmental protection, black antistatic, high temperature. (7 inches 13 inches 15 inches)
  4.OEM packaging.

      The plastic plate of the product, size and style can be opened according to the customer's requirements and meet the customer's requirements. 
      1.Patented design of the card core makes the central shaft and side disk assembly easy, very solid(blue, white, black)
      2.Width: 13 inches 8 / 12/16/24 / 32/44/56/72 / 88mm 7 inches 8 / 12/16mm
      3.Belt production materials: PS, ABS, PET, PC, HIPS, PE and other plastic materials, special requirements can be made of metal.
三:Characteristics of the braiding machine

          ● Applicable to a wide range of products, easy to change specifications.

          ● The cam and separator transmission system is stable and reliable.
          ● The fault detection design is perfect and the alarm is clear.
          ● The frequency converter has no variable speed, and tracks the speed of the feed situation.
          ● PLC electronic control system, accurate and stable, low failure rate.
          ● Strap height adjustable, flexible and convenient.
          ● Selection of the collection mode, vertical collection and horizontal collection.
          ● Accurate empty material detection and spare parts count
          ● Buy fully equipped to provide a complete solution.