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Company overview

Programming Suzhou Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd, focusing on IC burning industry for more than 20 years,has been committed to providing customers with high quality, efficient burning service and complete burning scheme!

 The company has passed the iso9001:2015 and IATF16949 double system certification, the service quality has been praised by customers and peers!

 The company's services include burning OEM, burning in the factory, IC testing, IC packaging, laser, burning equipment sales and leasing, burning center consulting and planning. Service network covers east China, south China, north China, southwest and other regions.

  • In 1993 the establishment of five - share burning factory, dedicated to professional IC burning
  • In 1995, it acquired interlite burning factory
  • 1996 acting Japanese Minato burner
  • In 2001, yinghua da (Shanghai) was established in Shanghai
  • Founded Programming Suzhou Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd In 2002
  • South China (dongguan) office was established in 2003
  • In 2005, zte established a factory in shenzhen
  • Suzhou jiaduoli was founded in 2006
  • In 2008 guangzhou jabo plant, wistron (kunshan) plant
  • In 2010, dongguan jiaduoli precision electronics co., ltd. was established as the agent of European ELNEC burner and asus group
  • In 2011, quanta was stationed in the factory and acted as the agent of Taiwan Dediprog burner
  • 2013 agent Taiwan u-reach copy machine
  • Establish strategic cooperation with onco in 2015
  • In 2017, ATF16949 certification was passed to set up the automotive electronic burning center
Corporate philosophy