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PH-M880(Full Automatic)


PH-M880(Full Automatic)

The 64 socket write-in full automatic programming system which carries two high-speed gang programmers MODEL408PH.


  • High speed Gang programmer 48sets of "MODEL408PH"(8sockets ×8sites total 64pcs) auto programming system.
  • PH-M880 with MODEL408PH is operated by panel operation easily.
  • Main target device is high density devices. (NAND・eMMC, higher programming time 240 seconds)
  • Adjusting JIG is not needed to change socket adapter.
  • 8sets of programmers with auto handler make it possible to high throughput for programming. Multiple programmers create high production capacity not depending on programming time.


Programmer MODEL408PH ×8sets
Buffer memory Standard 256Gbit
Target devices eMMC・eSD・GB-NAND・MoviNAND・i-NAND・NAND・OneNAND・Flash Micro controller・NOR・etc
Log file .txt format for each lot/td>
Socket Open top
Carrying mechanism X,Y,Z,θ axes use highly accurate steeper motors and timing belt drives.
X,Y resolution: 4μm/pulse
Z resolution: 30μm/pulse
θ resolution: 0.18°/pulse
UPH 1000[UPH] UPH=Unit per Hour
Configuration Manual
X-Y,θis set by original pad and Jig using
Z coordinate:Auto teaching
Original image processing
Display inspection Device position is corrected by CCD camera
Interface Tray loader
JEDEC tray (Size:315.8mm×135.8mm for auto loader *it is neccessary for Tray “Center Vacuum Pickup Site”)/EIAJ
Input 20 pieces, Output 20 pieces, Fail 1 piece, Vacant 3 pieces
Marking (Optional) Shachihata TAT Ink
Dot marking, Character marking
Control OS FA PC OS: Windows XP ServicePack3
User interface Color LCD Panel, Key board, Touch panel
Network Ethernet
Time to exchange socket adapter Lower 600 seconds
Air 0.4Mpa-0.5Mpa 50l/min ※Clean dry air only
Power Supply ACIN :AC100V/ AC220V 50/60Hz 15A
Size Weight (D)1170x(W)1650x(H)1500(mm) About 530Kg
※LCD display is not included