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Device Programmer Model 1895/2


Device Programmer Model 1895/2

MODEL1895 Based 2 Site Gang Programmer.


  • Model 1895/2 is a 2 site gang programmer with standard 256Mbits memory and max. 1Gbit memory. With optional programmer control software offers control of programmer from PC which is suitable for R & D and samll production


Targeted device (maximum)
Memory capacity 128M bytes (1G bits)
Maximum gang programming 2 pieces
Operation modes COPY: Copy the data from the number one PROM to the buffer of the programmer
BLANK: Blank check of the PROM
PROGRAM: Write data into the PROM
VERIFY: Compare the data between the buffer memory and the device.
CONT: Sequential operation of BLANK, PROGRAM and VERIFY
ERASE: Erase the data in the flash PROM
SET PROGRAM: 1, 2, 4, 8-programming mode
Input data Through RS232C/USB and copy of a master ROM data
Interface USB、RS232-C
Display 20 x 4 characters LCD
Power 100〜240V、50〜66Hz
Dimensions 380(W)x107(H)x297(D)mm
Weight 5.2kg
Power consumption 30VA(maximum)
Operating temperature 5〜35℃