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Gang Programmer Model 1950


Gang Programmer Model 1950

Newly developed MPG engine realizes ultra high-speed programming.
Standard 4Gbit Memory.


  • As the density of flash memories is becoming larger, fast programmer is required to shorten the programming time. MODEL1950 is equipped with newly developed MPG engine accomplishing ultra fast erase, program, verify of flash memories according to the specification of each memory.


Programming Target Low voltage device from 3.3v to 1.4v such as NOR, NAND flash ROM and flash embedded microcontroller.
*For programming, a socket unit is required. Please contact to Minato or Minato distributor for detail.
Memory size Standard 4Gbit (512Mbyte)
Max. 256Gbit (32Gbyte) as an option
The number of simultaneous programming Max. number of simultaneous programming : 16
Operating Mode COPY: Copy data from flash ROM to the buffer memory of the programmer
BLANK: Blank check of flash ROM
VERIFY: Verify data in flash ROM and the buffer memory of the programmer
ERASE: Erase data in flash ROM
PROGRAM: Program and verify data
CONT: Continuous operation of BLANK+PROGRAM+VERIFY
*If BLANK is failed, ERASE mode is added.
Data Input RS232C, USB2.0, Copy from master ROM, Copy from compact flash card
Interface RS232C, USB2.0, Compact Flash Card
Display 40 x 4 (characters) LCD
Power Supply AC100〜AC240V(无切换)、50〜60Hz
Measurement 378(W)x150(H)x402(D)mm
Weight 9kg(Without socket unit)
Power Consumption 100VA(Max.)
Recommended Temperature From 5 to 35°C